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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 17, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> you can dvr it, you can also catch us online. it you don't want to miss an episode of "making money." up next is lou dobbs. thank you for watching. lou: good evening, everyone, 642 days after the terror attacks that claimed the lives of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans, the u.s. government tonight has their first and got a suspect in custody. aboard a u.s. navy ship in international waters on his way to washington to face terrorism related charges. the white house took nearly two years to order his capture. here is greg describing his off-camera interview with him just five weeks after terrorist
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attacks attacked the conflict investment demagogy. >> a leading lish a figure. >> inside the main residence is different. >> we met with him for an extended off-camera interview. and showed no remorse for the killing of stephens and others. lou: stopping our reports today that he hadn't been hiding at all since he was identified as a suspect. >> he was going to mcdonald's for her milkshakes every night and we we could have just picked him up in a taxicab. lou: and he is right, there were no indications that with you that mcdonald's, but there's lots of evidence that he was in no fear of the libyan government and was living a life of public
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leisure. greg was the first of many american journalists to assess ahmed abu khattala in pentagon city. "the new york times" began a series of interviews. at times he was left in a hotel lobby where he was comfortably sitting on a strawberry friday and mocking the u.s. go cnn caught up with him last year, where he claimed the united states or the libyan government had not even try to contact him. so why did it take nearly two years to capture a man who by all accounts has been accessible to the media since shortly after the benghazi terrorist attack? we will take that up tonight with robert scales. also the irs claiming that lois
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lerner's e-mails have been lost. now we found out that they have repelled that information and this story gets worse and worse, or better and better depending on your perspective. angeline gomez will shored sortt for us. and tonight, washington were hok scoffer airstrikes. it is moments away. president obama is to meet with congressional leaders tomorrow as forces move closer to baghdad. iraqi forces, less than this, retired major general robert scales, the fox news military analyst. it could have you with us throughout what is your reaction
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to the importance of finding him and bringing him into custody for? >> absolutely critical. as long as the u.s. holds off reading his miranda rights and is able to exploit his intelligence. remember in peace time, you put people on trial and in wartime you exploit their intelligence and he is being critical -- critically linked between touching him and touching the other four or five or six terrorists who did this terrible thing. so i really hope that the navy does a couple circuits over the atlantic before he shows up in our judicial system. lou: admiral kirby making light of reports in full clearview. but the fact is that all of these news organizations, walking right up and it's
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preposterous to suggest that this was the case? >> that's absolutely right. and i said how tough is an operational mission and i said why have you waited so long and of course, doing all of the other lengthy preparation. >> and it is great that they after handed this terrorist. it is even greater if they would be planning to get the rest of them, and it would have been even greater if they would've gotten it if they would've been
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able to get the news mania to them. and if they slow the advance of these forces, what is your judgment about the situation. >> first of all and the sort of reach is the culminating point and it is a natural point that you can predict ahead of time and frankly what isis is trying
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to do now, what we see is a radical shakeup in the iraqi army, out of fear, he has brought in some of the leaders of that he is cast off. they are trying to create cohesive units and may not be safe, but it's not under direct assault. >> and one would assume they would have a commensurate reduction with president obama to take action and calling on the president and in some cases, and i will use this expression, some are looking for a do over. they are looking for a do over in iraq. is there any idea that we would
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see this again if the united states were to commit this in iraq? >> what we have learned is that this is a conflict of hatred and if the green zone and the city, if it's ever threatened. there may be some drone overrides, we may try to put some special forces trainers on the ground, but they will be prohibited from engaging this and at this stage all we can do is set back and let the iraqis fight this out. >> the sunnis and shiites. okay, thank you. >> well, if you think the iran's claims that it irretrievably
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lost lois lerner's e-mails, prepare yourself because it gets worse. dirs is now admitting that it can't find e-mails that belong to six other employees who are allegedly involved in the targeting of conservative and tea party groups and donors. among those irs workers, the former chief of staff and acting commissioners, steven miller. they learn this months before they informed congressional investigators last friday. the current irs commissioner, he is scheduled to testify before congress on this very matter this very friday. in a new report that the facility at the heart of the veterans affairs scandal actually paid out $10 million to trigger those bonuses of course,
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workers allegedly covered up lengthy wait times and we are coming right back. >> our commander-in-chief with options in iraq, should the united states returned to baghdad, airstrikes in the offering.
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lou: welcome back. folks in northeastern nebraska are trying to do what they can after a storm system created dual tornadoes. the tornadoes tore through the community simultaneous into
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people were killed, as storms are forecast for tonight eastern montana all the way to new york. the ones that are won't be as powerful as yesterday's system in all likelihood. and the iraqi prime minister calling for unity between sunnis and shiites tonight after saudi arabia promoting genocide. my next guest served as u.s. ambassador. and ambassador, it is good to have you with us. let me ask you first, how critical and how urgent is the president's decision on whether to step in to iraq again, and by what degree you right now?
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>> first, we have to recognize that the huge sacrifices that were made during the surge, and the progress that was made as a result of that in the 2007 to 2009 period of time, they have all been evaporated because of the mistake of the policies and because of president obama's decision to withdraw u.s. forces completely and to disengage from iraq and not to use u.s. influence to make sure that he sticks to the constitution. and now i believe that we need to be very careful, and first we have to decide what we want. it's not the same as the assessment that we heard a few minutes ago, that it is not about to take over baghdad. do we decide what is it that we
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want and what can be achieved there will be lasting and the use of u.s. military power and it would be acquired and necessary and prudent. and they don't accept each other. >> one of the leading congressional democrats, boots on the ground, for crying out loud. there seems to be zero evidence of this president and the u.s. government but we have to go
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back a decade to find any evidence of that. but i think you are right that it's going to be very hard to get partners and in part of the allies, they don't know whether the president would do something or not and threatened to attack syria and there might not be the ability to change his mind and
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so now we have two ask for help to deal with the situation and the iranians are strategic rivals in part of the problem in iraq. and strategically purposed. i would be suspicious. >> for this administration to proffer the idea and this
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includes the elusive and large measure because of iran's intervention in iraq. >> i think that this is the idea of partnership to deal with iraq over all. and as i said before, they are taking advantage of u.s. intervention and they have built considerable influence. and so maybe those tactical issues on which we could
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possibly cooperated, but strategically they are against the united states policies in the region. and i would tell them to be with weary of that. lou: ambassador, it is so great to have you with us. thank you so much for that great to be with you. lou: it is time now for a look at our online poll results. we asked if president obama has a responsibility to evacuate all personal. 92% said yes. vote in our poll tonight and the question is do you find it thecidental that ahmed abu midst of the hillary clinton book tour? and a new report finding a record number of americans renouncing their citizenship. more than 1000 citizens abroad cut their ties in the first three months of this year, putting this here to be on track to surpass the record of 3000
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it's one more part of our commitment to america. lou: coming up in moments, a man suspected to be behind the benghazi terrorist attacks captured by u.s. forces, least we'll end of this talk with lis wiehl and evangeline. states versus unions in the fight over teacher tenure. american federation of teachers president, randi weingarten will be joining us to discuss this important issue and a common core as well.
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and turning now to the news of the day. i often wonder what the families of the almost 5000 who of our veterans severely wounded, what they are thinking these days as well as feeling. they are listening to both political parties dominating the debate that we set this point about what to do next in iraq. in 11 years after the invasion of iraq, a lot of people with the loss of lives, the loss of limbs, they should have learned from both wars in afghanistan and iraq for now debating this like it's 2003 all over again. the bush appointee who four-time called for american boots on the ground, senator lindsey graham is calling for airstrikes in
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american reorganization of government. the sink second ranking democrat as the president should be considering missile strikes. and deputy secretary of defense is calling for president obama to take military action. this is the same paul wolfowitz who said when he was asked what the world cost, you will congress not to worry, that it would be able to finance its own reconstruction because of its vast oil wealth. enjoy that ultimately has cost $2.2 trillion, a sum that is singularly america's obligation. this should distress any american that so many politicians and journalists, they are so free and fast with calls. while offering no answer as to why they would expect a
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different outcome this time around. and so why we would again take this without a clear line drawn without our interests and our compensation. yes, our compensation. and no answers but a president who would cure the intervention without strategy to the fundamental question, why should the united states assumed the duty and the cost in blood and money, that showed at the very least be shared with you. president obama as the wind is let's pray that he is strong enough to insist on the farm were rigorous rationalization of any u.s. return to iraq. and let's pray that americans insist this time on a clear statement of national purpose
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before taking any military action in iraq. and if we are to return, let's insist that we first define victory and commit ourselves to achieving it. we will come right back. >> the benghazi terrace to be charged with the deaths of four americans. lis wiehl and evangeline gomez join us next
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whether he is being mirandized. it sounds quite a distance we have traveled from the old days of water boarding. what is going on in terms of his legal rights and what is the purpose of it all? >> i imagine he is being interviewed by military personnel and the military investigation will precede any type of fbi investigation. miranda does not play a role year in terms that there are exceptions. this is an international terrorist, public safety exception, so i do not think that that is the issue. if you look at the conditions we have had, the trials and miranda has not been an issue. the only problem with that argument is that he is not charged in the complaint. a lot of formal indictment, as a terrorist. pretty much charge with aiding and abetting. i think that will change in coming days with the superseding complained an indictment, but i do agree with you that miranda,
7:33 pm
even if he is not mirandized, and permission they cannot use at trial, do they need the information? lou: distinction being, being mirandize, that point, whenever information could be useful, not for his trial and not mirandize in an anything he says can be used against them. >> in another trial. and that is my point. whether he is mirandized are not the information he gives will be able to be used in other people's trial and the evidence against him is so strong that they do not need a quote unquote concession. lou: why isn't he considered an enemy combatants? why isn't he on his way to guantanamo instead of the united states? >> well, there have been issues with the federal court reverses military tribunals in guantanamo and he has seen the department of justice in this situation, tried in federal courts. the issue here, the federal
7:34 pm
courts have convictions. there is an issue of appeal. i do not think that this is a partisan issue but one that is being guided by whether or not he will have an opportunity -- lou: a partisan issue, but i did mean to imply and say that he is a terrorist, for crying out loud >> because the fbi is involved. but you asked the legal question you get a legal answer. the fbi is involved. you ask a question and you get the legal answer. that is why. that is exactly why. fbi, fbi investigation. civilian trial in d.c. lou: over 600 days, for crying out loud, as we reported. really, the news organization and so many others within just about a month. why in the world are we to believe that this is a
7:35 pm
reasonable role for the fbi when you are involved in combat against terrorists. why in the world was he allowed in their judgment to just float free in benghazi, in tripoli and other places during this time? >> seagate interviews to the media. he claimed in his interviews he was not involved and gain their after the fact. lou: he was directing traffic. [laughter] >> right. at miring. >> and so the issue is going to be evidence gathering. that is what they were going. lou: at that -- evidence gathering. >> what they're going to say is we will try to get other people. lou: just a coincidence that we are seeing this unfold in the milk of hillary clinton's but to work. is that right? >> you know, you are just the most skeptical, cynical person.
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lou: thank you both. >> thank you very much. lou: a reminder to vote in our poll tonight. do you find it coincidental that he was finally captured in the midst of the hillary clinton but to work? code to and tweet your response. critics blasting mexico's hypocrisy in refusing to release jailed marine sgt andrew, recede. that is because new figures provided to congress have more than 500 of mexico's own troops and law enforcement mistakenly strayed across the border into the united states over the past decade. meanwhile, a friend says the marine was increasingly despondent behind bars with each passing day. and a lot of days have passed. it has been 78 days since he made a wrong turn into mexico. seventy-eight days off without
7:37 pm
the slightest public statement by the president of the united states. in ineffective effort if any at all to get him released. a word of the evening. are you ready? it is defined by the oxford american dictionary as outrageously disgraceful or shameful. the sergeant remains in jail. we are coming right back. protests across the country against common core educational standards. teacher union leader, our guest next. ♪ and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them.
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when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. ♪ lou: welcome back. on wall street stocks moving higher. dow up 24 as it -- s and before,
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volume on the big board 3 millin shares. financials, the best performing sector, utilities the worst. crude oil down settling near $106 per barrel. the yield on that ten year rising to just over two and a half%. housing stocks down a disappointing six &. consumer prices rising the biggest increases of yuri of last year. suntrust banks agreeing to pay an almost billion dollars settlement over mortgage practices. apple reaching a settlement in its class action lawsuit. a reminder, our financial report, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network for all of the day's biggest business news. common core facing a sharp national backlash. while the educational initiative is adopted by 35 states and the district of columbia, now more
7:42 pm
than 340 bills in every state introduced in the legislatures to modify, the late, revoke implementation of the common core curriculum. indiana, oklahoma, south carolina passed legislation this year to withdraw from the common core standard. a dozen states have dropped out of the testing groups or delay the implementation of testing for at least another year. our next guest tonight is supporter of common core. joining us is randy weingarten, the president of the american federation of futures, and it is a great pleasure to have you here. >> great to be on. lou: common core, i good idea, it sounded like. but the way that it has been moved, implemented has created problems of its own, and the states are rebelling here, aren't they? >> well, you have some -- so common chord done right is a good idea.
7:43 pm
we have to actually move public-school systems to be from no child left behind, which was -- lou: is that a good idea? >> yes and no. no child left behind -- luck, having title one funding so that we do what other countries do, which is give more funding to kids who are poor, that is what lbj tried to do with the war on poverty. but what happened with george bush was he said, i am frustrated. let's have -- let's make sure that kids actually -- we know what kids are actually doing. so the peace of the child left behind that was dead was, okay, we shine a light on what is going on. what then happened was that testing system became about memorization and -- lou: which is the way most americans up until the 20th century were being -- late
7:44 pm
20th century were being taught >> exactly. lou: it was not a bad result. >> but the difference is this. you cannot get in middle class job in america if you do not actually know how to apply knowledge these days. lou: we have 20 million people who are unemployed you i think our outstanding folks. they can read. for the most part high-school degrees at the very least ten can't find a job because it does not exist. >> that, my friend, is all the other problem. lou: it goes together. we hear so many ideologues' on both sides start talking about training. one of the horror stories of modern politics is to your people talk about training for jobs. jobs that don't exist, jobs that none of the so-called savant's understand will be created. therefore, what are we teaching people? the great equalizer in this society have firmly believe and know you must is education.
7:45 pm
>> this is what i think we need to do. i take a step back because the polarization of this debate gives me headaches every day. you know, because it is like, you know, i think we have to do three things for kids, help them develop relationships, develop trust, relationships with each other and adults. number two, you have to actually help kids know how to apply knowledge. not just read, but be able to apply it, be able to take and process. number three, and i think this is the most important. you have to help kids learn persistence and resilience because we all trip and fall. we have all had bad things happen to us. the people who survived and are able to navigate their lives are people who are actually are at it and at eight and have the support to be -- to have that great resilience. lou: i do not think many people would argue that.
7:46 pm
there are a couple of arguments that do arise from common core. one is, who the hell decided who would be teaching and why it was done without the full knowledge and participation of our citizenry. >> i think you are right. lou: my number two. you have three. very quickly, i -- we are a nation which truly believes, even if we don't always practice it in public education, local control of public education. it has been good for work. it has been turned upside down by my opinion and in to some federal department of education and federal initiatives. thirdly, in this instance, with common core why in the world could we bring people together to drive an agenda and a program into our public schools? why not have that full on partnership between local education, state education.
7:47 pm
my god, we could even throw and the parents. >> what a concept, parents who are closest to to kids. i do not disagree with any of that, and that think what has happened is there was this rush. you have it with president obama , president bush, governors. they proclaimed -- lou: by the way, you know i do not have a favorite between those two in terms of public education. >> they proclaimed as opposed to rolling up sleeves and actually get the work done. they're is a lot that says take these standards, do not start testing kids on them are holding teachers consequential before them and tell it actually makes parents comfortable with them, kids comfortable with them, and give the teachers the ability to teach it. lou: a duel over. why don't we have the federal department of education, the fda , the teacher unions, all of
7:48 pm
the school district and state departments of education in this country come together and start talking seriously about what would be a common core, that is a core curriculum that was their design with values and allow the individual discretionary differentiation is to exist over local education with the full participation appearance in the community. >> hallelujah. lou: hallelujah. thank you for being here, and we would like to have you back to continue the conversation. >> that would be great. thank you. it. lou: up next, the new book, live by the cuff, the true story of how a young woman turned her love for tea into a business and a revenue stream for her son is life-saving surgery. we will meet her next right here. ♪ unlimited cash back.
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♪ lou: a quotation of the evening from the noted educator, author, business think your, consultant, the entrepreneur always searches for change, response to it, and exploited as an opportunity. the he might have had our next guest in mind as he expressed those dots, an entrepreneur who is sharing her heartwarming experience is in a brand new book, life by the cuff the tale of a young woman who out of necessity to save her son created will become a multimillion-dollar business. joining us tonight, the author and founder. congratulations on the button call i'm working hand and got.
7:53 pm
tell us a bit about that. >> when my league son was born i was a single mom. they needed an operation to save his life and back then a birth defect was considered of preexisting condition. we had several operations and by the time he was for you was better, but i had to have him with me and needed a job. no one will really hire you with a kid in tow, so i started my own tea company. lou: and the result impressive indeed. what made you think of tea? >> well, my grandmother was ukrainian gypsy, and she taught me that plants could heal anything. i fell in love with botanical sense of the blending of herbal concoctions. it was my hobby. i studied herbal medicine. when i was in a desperate mullen ascot like to do to provide for my son and paper operations and literally saw a gypsy tea party which took
7:54 pm
my heritage and tea and put it together and through my first one and almost 300 people came. lou: that is extraordinary. you talk about social responsibility. sustainability. profit is a big word and an important factor. you have been able to drive profits, talk about the values. where do you go from here? >> well, being socially responsible is a must in the 21st century. entrepreneurs are, i believe, once a will rebuild the world. i think business can fix anything where governments cannot. lou: that is why you were here. [laughter] lou: we love small business and in particular the people who create products and bring energy >> definitely. lou: when you think about it, small business people in addition to everything else up paying most of the taxes. big business manages to -- i won't say avoid them, but the
7:55 pm
lewd them. and that jobs are being created by folks like you. >> absolutely, and women of starting more and more businesses in this country. i love the idea that if you cannot find a job and are unemployable, the 20 million americans right now, start a business. lou: and it is very sad. not everybody has that spark, that imagination or the drive to create a business, but it is -- they agree with you. if you cannot find work, you know, find a way forward. >> absolutely, and in this country i was a college dropout with $6 to my name and started a business. now i own approximately 20,000 stores. anything is possible. lou: keep it rolling. great to see you. and the book is live by the cuff on sale online at bookstores everywhere we recommended to you highly. time for just a few of your thoughts. a free copy of border war will
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be sent to the author of tonight's comments, as it is each and every night here. last night -- and by the way border war is not only of thriller but will give you insight into everything happening right now on our border and, frankly, across our country. last night we asked if president obama has a responsibility to evacuate all u.s. personnel from iraq. they should have been out of their three days ago, all of them. this is total incompetence. better than risking the lives of 275 more soldiers. our president is disengaged and overwhelmed, and he may be in the nile with his head in the proverbial sand. we love hearing from you. send us your thoughts. e-mail me. follow us on twitter. go to our facebook page with links to everything at that is it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us.
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smoke? nah, i'm good.
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